The Fletcher School

The Fletcher School, Tufts University 

Dr. Kalter holds the position of Senior Fellow, The Fletcher School atTufts University, and is Co-Head of SovereigNet:The Fletcher Network for Sovereign Wealth and Global Capital.

The Fletcher Network for Sovereign Wealth and Global Capital

ØThe “Networkis unique interdisciplinary consortium at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy dedicated to the study sovereign wealth management and its impact on global capital markets
ØOur mission is to advance research, advisory leadership, and education on the role of the sovereign as institutional investor
ØOur work is a key initiative of and administered by Fletcher’s Institute for Business in the Global Context…
Øand directly leverages Fletcher’s faculty expertise and our integrated curriculum of international economics, politics, law, and international business and finance

Local Capital Markets
  • Deepening Local Markets in Emerging Market Countries
  • Policy Strategy to Facilitate Private Sector Access to Local Capital Markets: initiative including detailed case studies and policy recommendations









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