Sovereign Wealth Funds

About Sovereign Wealth Funds
Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) have emerged as an increasingly important source of cross-border capital flows and investment. In the future, SWFs will have an even greater impact on the global economy, particularly as financing sources for national deficits and emerging market countries. In the process, SWFs are subject to increasingly intense public scrutiny and political consideration. These two trends—continued growth and the glare of the spotlight— present complicated new issues for SWFs and for global economic growth and stability.

The Fletcher School, Tufts University has established The Network for Sovereign Wealth and Global Capital to examine the key cross-border issues SWFs face with a particular focus on managing conflicts and external relationships. The Network provides dedicated research and a forum for SWFs to develop insights, approaches, and policies that can be incorporated into their management processes and operations.

The Network focuses on key policy issues in which SWFs generally looked for knowledge and expertise; major themes are categorized within each of these four main issues: 

  • Strategic Mission and Investment Objectives
    • Mission and Global Focus
  • Strategic Mission and Political Risks
    • The Global Financial System and the Future Global Financial Architecture
  • Anticipating and Managing Conflicts
    • Generally Accepted Principles and Practices
  • Legal Aspects of Issues, Challenges and Risks
    • SWFs as Recognized Global Participants Face Discriminatory Restrictions

The Network is co-headed by Senior Fellows Eliot Kalter and Pat Schena, supported by Fletcher faculty advisors, Fletcher student research assistants, and external experts.

Selected papers on Sovereign Wealth Funds:

Key International Issues for Sovereign Wealth Funds

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative in the Context of the International Working Group of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Selected Presentations on Sovereign Wealth Funds:

Sovereign Wealth Funds Global Financial Forces
    Gerson Lehrman Group presentation 
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    Latin American Pensions Conference 
Sovereign Wealth Funds Asset Allocation in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis                        




















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