International Advisor


My thirty years of EM country experience at the International Monetary Fund, E M Strategies, and The Fletcher School brings:
  • Global knowledge and contacts, with a focus on Latin America

Relationships with central banks, finance ministries, financial system supervisors, pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds    

Advisory Role

I expect continued superior performance (significantly better than in industrial economies) in EM public and private equities as well as in EM fixed income over the long-term. However, country-specific and asset-specific performance will differ greatly within emerging markets and the resulting selection process will differentiate performance across asset managers:

  • Assess, for selected EM countries, the direction and sustainability of economic growth with focus on risk factors
  • Focus on global macroeconomic and capital account trends as well as country-specific factors that may create dislocations and structural shifts enabling opportunities in EM countries
  • Analyze Sovereign financial program, financing, and policy adjustment requirements
  • Advise on specific investment or co-investment opportunities
  • Washington-based “eyes and ears” to keep investors informed on actions of US government, international organizations, and NGOs as they relate to analytical and decision-making process




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